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Lowe Aston Eco-Friendly Calendars

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Printed using solar power Our factory is powered by photovoltaic solar panels which produce electricity to power our printing presses, cutting our annual power consumption by 20% and reducing CO2 emissions by 50,000KG per annum.

Carbon Neutral Deliveries With our courier partners, all standard UK deliveries are Carbon Neutral.

Zero Waste to Landfill All our factory produced waste is either recycled or repurposed, with nothing going to landfill.

Calendars printed on Carbon Capture Paper from Sustainable Sources The paper used in our pictorial calendars is carbon captured, meaning we pay a levy on every ton, which goes to the Woodland Trust to plant new native woodland in the UK. The paper mills we source from use sustainably sourced wood which encourages management of forestry resources in an environmentally responsible way.

Vegetable Based Inks We use inks which minimise environmental impact which are either vegetable based or part organic/fully recyclable made from vegetable oils.

Calendars are Fully Recyclable Being principally paper based, calendars, packaging materials, envelopes and mailing cartons are fully recyclable and provide an excellent eco-friendly form of advertising.


Solar Panels Carbon Neutral Deliveries Zero Waste Carbon Capture Recyclable