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Calendar Date Pads

As part of the Aston Series, we also produce CALENDAR DATE PADS. These are a range of date pads in different sizes and styles that you can attach to a headcard or backboard to make calendars of your own design.

All pads are held in stock so can be supplied within 2-3 working days.

Samples and prices available on request.

Please note; Bespoke versions of all pads can be made - please ask for details.


Small Monthly Tear-off Pads (sometimes referred to as "tabs")

Get in touch B Pad, C Pad & P/1 Pad


  • These are small thread stitched pads, often used by schools
  • They are all printed in black ink
  • B Pads: 102 x 60mm
  • C Pads: 81 x 52mm
  • P/1 Pads: 203 x 79mm
  • (B & C pads can also be supplied inserted into covers)

Printers Commercial Pads


Get in touch P/4 Pad & P/15 Pad

  • Bold figure, easy to read pads
  • Glued and perforated at the head
  • P/4 Pads: 272 x 220mm - Printed in Red & Blue ink
  • P/15 Pads: 230 x 225mm - Printed in Red & Black ink



Engagement Pads

Get in touch P/10 Pad

  • This is our popular P/10 Pad which has a line next to each date for noting appointments etc
  • Glued and perforated at the head
  • 200 x 228mm Printed in Red & Black ink

Daily Tear-off Pads

Get in touch P/71 Pad

  • These are very useful pads with a motto for every day
  • They are supplied fitted with a metal clip for fixing to mounts
  • 62 x 77mm Printed in Grey & Red ink